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About Jacob

untitled1Jacob Hammack was born to drive.  From the time he could talk, he talked about racing.  He put every penny he got into his car shaped piggy bank so he could race.  As a small boy in South Texas, he could drive anything.  At age 2, we bought him a bicycle with training wheels, but one day we caught him riding his older brother’s bicycle with flat tires and no training wheels.  That was one thing we didn’t have to worry about teaching him.  He got a 4 wheeler at age 3, and was out doing donuts in the driveway in a matter of minutes.  He hated the restrictor setting on his 4 wheeler and was constantly asking to have it taken off so he could go faster.

 At age 5, he tore apart a small block chevy engine by himself to learn how an engine works.  He has been designing his own race car out of scrap parts and materials in the shop for years.  At age 6, we put him in a race kart.  He won track champion his first year, and was hooked.  For the next couple of years, he raced around the state of Texas to learn through a variety of different tracks and racers.

Jacob Hammack has always struggled in school and socially, so at age 9, we had him tested. He was found to be dyslexic. One part of the test showed Jacob excelled in hand/eye coordination, problem solving, and performing complex procedures with superior capability. That explained why he was able to focus when put behind the wheel of a kart. We knew we had found his niche. In August 2012, we moved to the racing capital of the United States, North Carolina. We want to give Jacob every opportunity we possibly can for his success in racing.




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