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Jacob Hammack Racing Scholorship Winners!

ida (2)Congratulations to the winners of this years Jacob Hammack Racing Scholorship!


Deborah Mullis (parent and educator)

Rachel Seeley (educator)

Vanessa Pinello (educator)

Kristie Autrey (educator

The Jacob Hammack Scholorship

International Dyslexia Announcement:    The  Jacob  Hammack  Scholarship

This  scholarship  is  made  possible  through  the  generous  one-­‐time  donation  by     Jacob  Hammack  Racing.       Jacob  Hammack     Jacob,  a  5th  grade  student  and  dedicated  athlete,  is  also  an  official  spokesperson  for  the  North   Carolina  Branch  of  the  International  Dyslexia  Association.    He  takes  his  education  seriously  and   is  learning  to  embrace  life  with  dyslexia.  Jacob  also  enjoys  racing  micro/mini  racecars  and  uses   his  status  as  a  racecar  driver  to  spread  awareness  about  dyslexia.  He  hopes  to  inspire  other   students  with  dyslexia,  so  that  they  too  can  identify  and  use  their  strengths  to  work  towards   achieving  their  goals.         The  Jacob  Hammack  Scholarship  is  offered  to  provide  an  opportunity  for  parents  and  teachers   of  students  with  dyslexia  to  attend  the  Southern  Regional  International  Dyslexia  Association   Conference  held  in  Brentwood,  TN  on  April  17-­‐18,  2015.    Up  to  four  (4)  scholarships  of  $250   each  will  be  granted:  two  (2)  for  parents/families  of  a  child  with  dyslexia,  and  two  (2)  for   teachers  of  students  with  dyslexia.  Scholarship  funds  are  to  go  toward  conference  registration   and/or  travel  costs.  Applicants  must  be  members  of  the  North  Carolina  Branch  of  the   International  Dyslexia  Association.      Cash  awards  will  be  presented  at  the  Southern  Regional  IDA   Conference  to  the  scholarship  award  recipients.  SCHOLARSHIP  APPLICATION  DUE  DATE:  March   15,  2015.       Upon  receipt  of  the  scholarship,  you  will  be  expected  to:   • Register  for  the  conference  by  the  deadline  date  of  April  1,  2015.   • Attend  all  Friday  evening  and  Saturday  sessions.       • Make  arrangements  for  your  own  transportation  and  lodging.       Please  apply  at

New car for 2015 season!

After having a successful career in Outlaw Kart Racing,  Jacob Hammack will be moving into 600cc Mini/Micro Sprint Racing for thIMG_3141e 2015 season!

Fundraising T-Shirts on SALE!!!!!

Jacob Hammack Racing Reading to the Finish Fundraising T-shirts are on sale for $10.00 each, no matter the size, while quantities last.

Remember, 100% of the sales price will go to The North Carolina Branch of the International Dyslexia Association Charity.

Thank you for all your support.

Charity Auction!!!!

I will auction off 1 special shirt and the highest bidder will win. It will have signatures from some of the top dirt racing names in the business, Steve Kinser, Kevin Swindell, Kyle Larson, Rico Abreu, Tanner Thorson, Paul McMahon, and Joey Saldana!!! Please only honest bidding as this is for charity! Post your bid on my Facebook page at .  All bidding will stop October 30 at 11:59 PM, and the winner will be announced on Halloween 057

2014 Oklahoma Sooner Kart National Champion!

2014 Sooner Kart National Champion!

2014 Sooner Kart National Champion!

Donate For Dyslexia and Win A StreamLight Flashlight!!

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a very special conference coming up with the North Carolina International Dyslexia Association and would like to raise $1,000.00 for them by January 20th.

It’s for a great cause. They have done a lot for me and it’s important they can continue offering resources to those living with dyslexia.

photo-jacob-flashlight-prizeI am giving away a Streamlight Strion LED flashlight with AC/DC charger ($200 Value) to ONE lucky winner!!


For every $5 donation, your name will be entered for a chance to win; and if you buy a Reading To The Finish t-shirt for $25 here on my FAN ZONE page, that’s 5 chances to win!!

I would be so happy if I can be able to present a big check for my goal of $1000 to The North Carolina International Dyslexia Association and I know I can count on my fans to help me reach that goal!

Donate and Purchase My Shirts Here and Enter To Win Today!

Welcome to my new website!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the NEW website!

We have some exciting things coming up soon, so please stay tuned and thank you for coming to my website!

~ Jacob

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