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Part 3 of a 6 Part Series about Dyslexia

Today is part 3 of my 6 part series of facts about dyslexia. If you have any questions, you can comment here or send me an email at


The Gift of Dyslexia:


— Dyslexics are likely to excel in areas not dependent on reading.


— Dyslexics typically have a large verbal vocabulary for their age.


— Dyslexics often enjoy and excel at solving puzzles.


— Dyslexics have excellent thinking skills, conceptualization, imagination, and reasoning skills.


— Dyslexics, most often, have a “real world” spatial ability, like a 3-D environment in their minds.


— Dyslexics have excellent comprehension of stories told or read to them.


–Dyslexics have a strong sense of the “big picture”.


— Dyslexics have the gift of mastery because of their special way of thinking.


— Dyslexics tend to be very curious, creative, and intuitive.


— Dyslexics have the ability to spot important connections between various kinds of information non-dyslexics may miss.


— Dyslexics have the ability to construct a connected series of “mental scenes”.


— Dyslexics have the ability to “read” the patterns in the real world that allows them to reconstruct past events they didn’t witness and predict likely future events.


— Dyslexics can be– Engineers, Mechanics, Interior Designers, Graphic Artists, Architects, Surgeons, Sculptors, Filmmakers, Pilots, Computer Software Designers, Scientists, Inventors, Clothing or Fashion Designers, Musicians, Actors, Nurses, Poets, Novelists, Journalists, Screenwriters, Teachers, Politicians, Video Game Designers, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, CFOs, Economists, or anything else they want to be.


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