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Part 4 of a 6 Part Series about Dyslexia

Today is part 4 of my 6 part series of facts about dyslexia. If you have any questions, you can comment here or send me an email at


Am I Dyslexic?


Below is a list of some characteristics of dyslexia. Everybody may have one of these, but dyslexics usually have several which persist over time and can affect their learning.


>difficulty in learning and remembering the names of letters.


>trouble following a series of directions.


>trouble with before/after, yesterday/today/tomorrow, right/left, etc.


>trouble thinking of the name of an object.


>trouble identifying rhyming words.


>trouble learning the sounds of letters.


>tend to flop the order of letters in words.


>have trouble spelling the same words over and over.


>have trouble comprehending what they read silently or orally.


>tend to have very sloppy handwriting.


>may do well on weekly spelling tests, but will have many spelling mistakes on daily work.


>have difficulty remembering lists, facts, dates, names, telephone numbers, etc.


>are distracted by visual or auditory stimuli.


>usually follow a downward trend on test scores and school performance.


>tend to be inconsistent in their schoolwork.


>their teachers will say they are lazy and need to try harder.


>tend to take hours doing their homework.


>may do well in math until they begin word problems.


>tend to have difficulty with math vocabulary and concepts.


>may be diagnosed ADHD.


>may have difficulty with fine motor skills.


>tend to be very disorganized and sloppy.


>have a poor sense of time.


>may forget their homework over and over.


>can become overwhelmed when too much is going on around them.


>can seem to tire very quickly when reading.


>will sometimes say a word while reading that has no relation to the printed word.


>often omit parts of words when reading.


>may react incorrectly to what is said to them.


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